Purpose of Metabolic Surgery Association

Our aim is that the radical and rational treatment options against Metabolic Syndrome and especially diabetes pandemic which threaten the whole world to be performed, to be known and to be spread.

Announcements and Activities

  • Technical feasibility and safety profile of ileal interposition

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  • President’s Speech

    Increasing in prevalence in the whole world, Metabolic Syndrome and especially type 2 diabetes present a serious health problem. Search for a permanent solution for Metabolic Syndrome and its components continue in the whole world. In the light of today’s scientific knowledge, it is known that the most effective treatment
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  • Change of Address

    In August 2013 our association moved on to its present adress Kuloğlu Mah. Liva Sok. No:5 Kat:3 Beyoğlu/İSTANBUL where it will perform its future activities.

  • First General Assembly Meeting

    In May 2013, ous association carried out its first mandatory general assembly during which authorized bodies were formed. Administrative Board Alper Çelik – President Muharrem Aşcı – Vice President Ü.Gülsüm Zengin – General Secretary Serkan Karasu – Accountant Mustafa Aydın – Member in charged of commission and study groups Inspection
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